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Martial Journey academy of martial arts
Martial Journey academy of martial arts

Sensei Christian Oakley

Chris Oakley is the Founder and Lead Instructor at Martial Journey. Martial arts has been a prominent part of his life since 1988. Although he holds a 6th Dan Black Belt, he continues to challenge himself by training regularly and occasionally competing in BJJ. He takes the privilege and responsibility of teaching to heart and hopes to be a meaningful influence on all his students.


Sensei Jasvine Salarda

Jasvine was a little kid, when she started as a white belt in 2013. She literally grew up at our dojo staring down training partners much larger than her. Now, as a Black Belt Sensei, she is a shining example for every student. Her patience, ability to retain attention, and her ease when relating to a wide age range, show maturity and experience well beyond her limited years.

Martial Journey Team

Our Sun Leadership Team reflects the qualities we hope others would strive towards, such as; dedication, resilience, and empathy. Our team is a wonderful resource for our dojo family because they've overcome the hurdles and understand the challenges in training and in life. 

"Life is not about how many times you fall down.

It's about how many times you get back up."

All team members are first-aid certified. If 18yrs and above, they're required to have a valid Working with Children Check.

Our philosophy

Martial Journey logo

Starfish story - Loren Eiseley

A man walking along a beach, saw a child picking up starfish and gently tossing them into the sea. He stopped to ask "What are you doing?". The child explained, "I'm saving the starfish before the tide goes out". "But there are too many starfish!" the man observed, "You can't possibly make a difference". The child scooped up a starfish, tossed it, and watched it sink beneath the waves. "I made a difference to that one" the child replied, smiling.


At Martial Journey, every student is a starfish, and everyone matters. Our dojo was established in 2005. We've seen many students grow up and we're now training some of our former students' children. We know, we're making a difference.

Issei Ryu Bujutsu logo

Our lifelong art

Issei Ryu Bujutsu - a lifelong art

The style we teach draws heavily from traditional Japanese martial arts, modified for modern self-defence strategies. We teach one cohesive style that covers stand-up defensive and striking techniques, locks, holds, throws, ground defence, grappling, and weaponry. 

It takes time and dedication to learn such an extensive syllabus. We pride ourselves on the quality of students we produce. They understand that it's not a race to Black Belt. The journey is where the lessons are.

Choose  your class

Micro Ninjas

3.5yrs to Prep

Mini Ninjas

Kids Gr1 to Gr5

Mighty Teens

Gr6 to Yr9


15yrs & above

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