Dedicated to empowering kids and adults through martial arts training

Martial Journey is a multi-award winning academy in Point Cook, centrally located for residents in Altona, Werribee, and Williams Landing. We teach a comprehensive self-defence focused martial art, Issei Ryu Bujutsu; which was predominantly inspired by traditional Japanese arts, such as Karate, Ninjutsu, and Jiu Jitsu. Our curriculum will nurture self-awareness and the value of life skills gained through martial arts training. Beyond perfecting techniques, we understand the importance for students to realize their potential in all areas of life.


Classes are available for pre-schoolers (3-5yrs), kids (6-9yrs), teens (10-14yrs), and adults (15yrs and over).


Tomorrow holds no limits.

What parents say:
"Martial Journey is more than martial arts; It's more than an activity, more than a dojo. The team treat you like family. I have watched my daughter blossom, her self-confidence growing with each class. The support shown to my daughter also extends to my family. I could not recommend Martial Journey enough to any parent who wants an enjoyable, life changing interest, within a friendly environment for their child." J. Shannan


"My son, who is 13, was bullied at his previous school. He's only been coming for a few weeks. Already we could see the confidence building in him. Last week he stood up to a bully at his new school and was very proud to have done so. He looks forward to training every week. Big thank you." C. Johnson